Moody's Analytics Innovation Summit

Agenda Presentations

1:30 pm
Event Registration/Pre-Event Networking
2:00 pm
Welcome Address
Cristina Pieretti, Managing Director, Moody’s Analytics Accelerator
2:10 pm
Sean Belka, Managing Director, Fidelity
2:45 pm
Lightning Pitch — Quantifind
Nicholas Veltri, Financial Analytics Lead, Quantifind
2:50 pm
Getting Smarter with Every Spread
In this session, we will discuss how Moody’s Analytics uses machine learning to automate the financial spreading process. We decided to build QUIQspread to address our own internal needs to spread financials with greater speed and accuracy. This discussion will detail how advances in machine learning coupled with Moody’s deep expertise in spreading and credit analysis resulted in QUIQspread.

Eric Grandeo, Senior Director - Strategy & Innovation, Moody's Analytics Accelerator;
Miguel Romao, Associate Director - Strategy & Innovation, Moody's Analytics Accelerator
3:15 pm
Lightning Pitch — Fintech Sandbox
Jean Donnelly, Executive Director, Fintech Sandbox
3:20 pm
Ready Lender One. How Moody's Analytics is Making Unstructured Data Usable.
Join us to learn how Moody’s is leveraging, previously unusable, unstructured data. The session will explain how our Machine Learning framework has improved data usability for Compliance & Risk Assessment.

Ashit Talukder, Senior Director - Head of Machine Learning, Moody’s Analytics;
Nakul Kapoor, Director - Strategy & Innovation, Moody’s Analytics Accelerator
3:45 pm
Lightning Pitch — Moody's Analytics API Developer Portal
Rakesh Parameshwar, Senior Director - Strategy & Innovation, Moody's Analytics Accelerator
3:50 pm
Innovation in the Enterprise Panel:
Beyond the Hype, How Financial Firms are Innovating with Purpose
Panelists: Jean Vernor, Senior Vice President - Head of Incubator & Regional Analytics Center, Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.; Adrianne Dicker Kadzinski, Group Global Innovation Lead, Credit Suisse; More to be announced!
Moderator: Keith Berry, Executive Director, Moody's Analytics Accelerator
4:25 pm
Closing Remarks
Keith Berry, Head of Moody’s Analytics Accelerator
4:30 PM
Cocktails & Networking
6:00 PM
Event Concludes
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Katherine Curtin, Director

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